Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts on The Hobbit ~SPOILERS~

The Plus Side ~SPOILERS~

Thorin pretty much lived up to my expectations.
He shows a very emotionless face to his company but it a couple of scenes you can see his great sadness over losing his home and family. He is quick to judge and  see a lack of courage (especially in Bilbo). He is embittered toward the elves for abandoning his people to exile and yet he (if not exactly forgiving them) agrees to Elrond's help in deciphering Thrain II's Map.
As the movie progresses Thorin begins to see that great courage can come from small people. In the end when Bilbo saves his life, Thorin apologizes for doubting him.
I am going to enjoy seeing how Thorin's character grows throughout the rest of the movies.    

The eagles where magnificent. I would have to say that some of the flying shots with them were the best in the movie.
The over all youngness of everyone:
I was very impressed with how they where able to make every one look younger then the LotR. 
Especially Frodo. To be truthful I really didn't think they could make him any younger then he looked in the FotR. And yet he seemed even younger then the shots from the beginning of FotR. Even Galadriel looked younger. 

The Elves:
I loved the glimpse of the elves I got.  King Thranduil was so out of this world perfect. It was weird just looking at him because his was features where so perfect. I enjoyed seeing a close up of Elrond's armor as well as some musical and serving elves in Rivendell.  I only wish they had shown more of Bilbo's love of Rivendell, I think they could have shown him walking around it a little more.

The Trolls:
The trolls were awesome! I could not have wished for them to be better.

As usually Gollum was pretty awesome. Just when you think they can't get anymore facial expressions on this guy they pull something new. The whole riddle game scene was really funny and well acted.

The Minus Side

Azog the Goblin:
A little background here:
Azog entered history in the year TA 2790 due to King Thrór's desire to revisit and perhaps refound the lost realm of Khazad-dûm, in whose mighty ruins Azog dwelt. When Thror was found in the armories of Khazad-Dum he was brought before Azog being accused of thieving. Azog decided to kill Thror.
When news of this reached Thrór's heir Thráin, he was greatly angered and mustered a force of Dwarves to seek revenge on Azog. So began the War of the Dwarves and Orcs. The dwarves hunted Azog, and many battles were fought beneath the earth. After nine years of war, the climatic Battle of Azanulbizar was fought before the gates of Moria itself.
King Thráin and his son Thorin were in that battle (it was here that Thorin gained the surname Thorin Oakenshield). Near the end of the battle, Azog himself emerged and fought with Thráin's cousin Náin. After breaking Náin's neck, his young son Dáin; only 32 years old, swept the head from Azog's shoulders and helped to win the day. -LotR WikiSo I didn't really remember much of this background well watching the movie. In fact I didn't even remember if the "white orc" was in the book at all. The first thing that came to mind when I saw him was "that doesn't look like any orc I've ever seen." He reminded me more of the Ice Giants from Thor then an orc. I would have liked it much better if he was some kind of icky looking goblin.
And of course they changed the plot from the above. Making Thorin the one to fight Azog, cutting off his arm but not killing him. I didn't really mind the plot change, but I wish they had made him look more like a goblin.

It was really strange for me to see the Hobbit in 3D, going into this with the LotR in mind. I was not prepared for a LotR like movie in 3D. It was not at all bad, just took about half the movie to get used to it. 
Also the thing with 3D is that if you aren't watching a HFR it tends to be very blurry at the action parts. Going from a highly detailed LotR to blurry action was somewhat disappointing.

The Music:
I had listened to the full soundtrack before seeing the movie. I wasn't to impressed with it. I thought maybe it might be better with the actually movie, but I was disappointed again. The only really good songs where renditions of The Misty Mountains, Concerning Hobbits from LotR and Neil Finn's Song of the Lonely Mountain.
All in all I enjoyed it. So what were your thoughts on The Hobbit? How did you like it?


  1. Heeeeeyyyy! My mom knows your mom. Okay...on to The Hobbit. *laughs crazily* ok. sorry. I kind of liked it. A lot.

    You know, I actually had no problem with it being different from the book. I always loved the LOTR movies, and those, too were way differnt than the book. I'm going to go so far as to say that I think the changes made to the Hobbit were (*gasp*) an improvement.

    *quickly explains self before being pelted with tomatoes* You see, you can never really turn a book into a movie and it be 'the same' because it doesn't have the character's thoughts. I think by adding all the Azog stuff, it made Thorin's character for 'visual' I guess you could say...? I don't know. I guess I just like anything Peter Jackson has done and I don't care about the changes. *shrugs* :)

    It was great, though, wasn't it? I like your costumes! I went as Legolas's sister he never had..... But then I regretted it when it showed Thranduil turning away from helping the Dwarves when Smaug attacked.... yeah. :-/ my sister Molly dressed as a Hobbit. It was epic. *nods* Not really.

    Have a good day!!!!

    P.S. Don't ya just LOVE Bilbo??

    1. Yes! Cool. :)
      I liked it as well, and I didn't mind the orc plot change I just think he would have been better, looking more like LotR orc/goblin.
      Haha, I would never pelt you with tomatoes. :P I have to agree with you and I think I may have been spoiled from the LotR following the book so well.
      It was VERY good. Thank you, isn't it just the funnest to dress up for a movie? :) Ahhh, I know that part with Thranduil was like "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, noooooooooooooooooooooo."

      Thank you for your lovely comment dear!
      P.S. I did LOVE Bilbo, Martin Freeman is a awesome actor and I was really happy with him playing Bilbo.

  2. Ahh! I see - and I would agree with you. He definately doesn't look like the other orks/Uruki (however it's spelled). *nods*

    Oh I know! I might be tempted to dress up when I go with my family on Christmas... :-/ I'll see. There won't be so many nerds then...I'll have to see if I'm brave enough. lol!

    Yeah. Thranduil....Plus, in the second movie he's gonna be really annoying...Locking them up in prison and all. yes, I love Martin Freeman, too. *Sherlock fan, here* ;) Have a loverly day!


  3. Yep!
    Haha, just get your sister to do it again. Two are always better then one. *Wink*

    Yeah, I'm just waiting for Legolas and Tauriel. Can't wait to see that part.
    Sadly I haven't seen Sherlock yet, but I love Benedict Cumberbatch so I'm sure it will be awesome!
    You have a nice night now,

  4. I went to the midnight premiere with tons of my friends, and it was sooo much fun :)
    Richard Armitage, the actor who plays Thorin, is my favorite actor ever, so it was a lot of fun to see him in the Hobbit :) Have you seen him in any of his other movies? He's in North and South, Robin Hood (the BBC TV show), and Captain America.
    -mal :)

    1. I think Richard Armitage's performance was stunning! I have seen North and South and Captain America and I really want to see Robin Hood. Richard Armitage is fast becoming one of my favorites. ;)
      Thank you for your lovely comment. :)

    2. You should see Robin Hood! It is my favorite TV show ever! Some people think it's cheesy, but I love it anyway :)

  5. (It's cousin Rachel, just so you know)

    So yup, I agree with what you said. I just finished rereading The Hobbit and it mentioned Azog's son Bolg in the Battle of the Five Armies. Now, I'm thinking that maybe Peter Jackson replaced Bolg with Azog. If that is the case I'm not that upset about it. I still think Azog is cheesy.

    Ok, some other points. I'm kinda upset about Kili. The only reason being that he's being made into an important secondary character while Fili is just barely above the other dwarves besides Balin. (I don't know if you want to hear the spoilers about Kili in the second film. Tell me if you do).

  6. Hahah, yay!!!

    Yeah, but they said that this was Bolg:
    So I guess he wasn't.

    Oh yeah, give me the spoilers! I don't think I'll be to upset about it, just because in the book you don't get a huge amount of character going on for the dwarves. But I do think it's bad that they are skipping over Fili. Gosh, he is next in line for the throne!

    1. It's here: