Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Of Peach Blossoms and Dancing

Poem below
Song of the Peach Tree Spring
He was sure of his way there
could never go wrong
How should he know that peaks and valleys
can so soon change?
When the time came he simply remembered
having gone deep into the hills
But how many green streams
lead into cloud-high woods -
When spring comes, everywhere
there are peach blossom streams
No one can tell which may be
the spring of paradise.
~ Wang Wei

And with those words,Wang Wei describes today - a feeling of lovely days to come with peach buds just peeking out. The weather is a warm and sunny, 75 degrees, making it seem as if spring has already come. We sit out on the sun porch and nature journal. I choose the peach buds to draw as my thoughts drift back to last night....

...I was so excited to get a message from one of my dear friends inviting me to attend dance lessons on Monday with the English Country Dancers (Pride and Prejudice style). I've always wanted to learn to dance and English Country dancing is so beautiful. I was very happy to say yes to the invitation.

It was casual dress, so I just wore a simple skirt and top (no period costume yet). ;) We got there a little late so they had already started the first dance, but they put us right in for the next one. It wasn't a big group and as it turned out my friend and her sister, and me and my sister where the only teenagers. There were a lot of older couples who were professional dancers. I was blessed to get an older gentleman who was very good and helped me get down the dance terms and patterns rather quickly. There was much laughter and fun.

They host dance lessons every Monday so this is not the last you'll hear of me dancing, I'm happy to say. ;)
Also after the dance we hooked up with the caller/instructor and she told us about a costume ball held in Frankfort, Ky every August and December. That would involve sewing a period dress, learning period manners, and dancing as well, which sounds like lots of fun.

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