Tuesday, April 17, 2012

After The Ball

 So here you go, all the pictures I promised. Sorry if some of them are a little dark (it got a bit dark in the ball room.) Enjoy!
Anna doing Shannen's hair.
The day before the ball was our quilting club so I invited the girls from the quilting club to come to ball the next day. We (Anna and I) offered to do the girls hair. Sorry there aren't a lot of pics of doing their hair. I was busy what can I say.


Lindsey's hair, done by my mom.

Lindsey's hair was so thick, it would not hold a curl. But my mom did a great job and it lasted all night falling out of the pins just after we walked out the door. Lol!

We let Lindsey borrow a costume. Thankfully mom had a long dress and Claire had a black shawl that matched.
Cenna's hair, done by me.

I did Cenna's hair. I wanted to do it like this:
But I made a bun instead of tucking it under. I think it turned out really cute!
Bethany's hair done by me.

I also did Bethany's hair, I was going to do the same style as Cenna's but Bethany's hair was way to thick so I just did a simply bun with some curls out in the front.
Shannan's hair done by Anna.
Anna did Shannan's hair and I loved the little braids on the side.

Brianna's hair done by my mom.

My mom did Brianna's hair copying from Anna's idea.

My hair, also done by my mom

She also did the same on me instead the other style I had practiced (for some reason when we did it, it just looked really bad).
About ready to leave for the ball.

I took some wire and attached some pearl so bobby pins to go in my hair.

All in all I think the outfit came together very well.
Showing our ankles, don't look! :P

Lovely 1912 clothes
They had a collection of things from 1912 upstairs so we took a peek in there.
1912 table settings
1912 hat
1912 cloak
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Loved this dress, very pretty!
One of the ladies from our dancing group sang After the Ball


  1. Oh, how lovely! Gorgeous hairstyles, Elizabeth.

  2. wow!!!!!! thanks for sharing, Elizabeth!! you all look SOOOOOO beautiful!! LOVE how tall you are also, looks like you had an enchanting evening, so wonderful :)
    blessings, Kara

  3. This is lovely Liz. I especially like the effect in the first pix.

  4. Very nice. reminds me of a costume from a Jane Austen movie.

  5. I love the way you did your hair.... so beautiful. And your dresses!! *sigh* I love the fabric you chose for your dress, Elizabeth...
    By the way, I tagged you over at my blog, if you're interested. http://thecountryhandmaiden.blogspot.com/2012/04/tagged-again.html#comment-form
    Have a wonderful day!