Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello September

The taste of peaches and golden sunshine.
The creak of the porch swing and fresh tomatoes.
The pleasures of the summer, soon to fade to fall.
And yet these pleasures will be replaced by others.
The sound of crunching leaves underfoot.
The feeling of coziness when wearing a warm sweater.
And the glow of the bonfire.
There will be things I'll not miss about summer -
the annoying flies and stifling heat.
But there are things I don't look forward to as well,
like freezing cold feet and too much rain.
But all in all, I welcome Autumn.
I welcome September and October's Indian Summer,
and the different changes they bring.
For I know all true change comes from God,
and it's from His hand the fall colors are painted.

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