Sunday, July 8, 2012

Perfect in Him

He wakes up the night with music
I scarce sleep for the praise I want to shout
He makes his light to shine in me, and I doubt why he picked me
I want to cry and laugh at the same time, instead I sing.
That he my king should die for me, blows my mind
Makes me give him my all and best.
Though I know it's not enough.
That he should humble himself to be my friend
That he should make my hands so skilled to work for him
My eyes so bright, my voice so strong.
You my God, placed the stars, and you are what draws me to them.
Your great work displayed for all to see.
And yet you tell me I glow brighter then they with your love indwelling me.
I turn from you and am in shadow, I am pocked and dented.
I run to you and your light washes my imperfections away.
It is only when my eyes are on you that I am truly perfect.


  1. I love this!!!! :)

    One edit, it should be "it's" in the line "I know its not enough" :)

    1. Thank you, didn't notice that till now.