Friday, March 8, 2013

~Sketch Journaling~

I've been extremely inspired by sketch journals lately. As you can tell from my pinterest board. I thought I would share with you some of my journal pages.


The first page: This is just a bunch of things that describe me or that I really like. I wanted to do it in a very typography way,
but you can only come up with so many font 
types. *wink*
The second page: I was just having fun with one of my favorite colors. Currently I'm really into anything done in ink. So the little postage stamp was my first try at doing something like that

 The first page: This is my new years journal entry, which is the same as this post here.

The second page: One of my favorite bible verses from Esther, as well as some notes from that Sunday's sermon.

 The first page: An entry about making a medieval dress which I'm still working on. I did a french seam for the first time. A sample of my fabric as well as some embroidery ideas.

The second page: Some sketches I did of a little mockingbird who has been coming around this winter.

The first page: This was a sketch that I did after watching Jack the Giant Slayer. It's a beanstalk. I'm still deciding if I want to do it over in ink or not.

The second page: This is a cute little doodle I did. It is not at all as big on my journal page as it looks here.

Do you keep a sketch journal? What are some of your favorite things to draw?

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  1. Your sketch journal is lovely, Elizabeth. I think this kind of journal gives a more complete picture of where your mind and heart are than one that's confined to words. I'm a great lover of words, but they have their limitations - unlike the sudden appearance of vivid BLUE that just leaps off the page with its beauty - right into your soul. I keep a journal too, and EVERYTHING goes in there. Pictures, idle thoughts, recipes, colors, names, letters, poetry, rants of all kinds. In Pennsylvania Dutch (where my people come from) there's something called a Himmelsbrief, which translates as a letter to God. These are sometimes beautifully decorated, sometimes just plainly written out. Sometimes they're hung on the wall, sometimes folded and placed in a Bible. I include my own version of Himmelsbriefs often in my journal - prayers that I've carefully thought out, occasionally complaints and prolonged whining, sometimes just a sentence that gives thanks for good things in my life and people I love. In other words, my journal is kind of like me - messy and bursting at the seams with all my dreams and interests. I keep (on the computer) a separate file that's named "Books to Read" - an ongoing list of books I want to read and books I've already read. The file is LARGE, and my husband says that the lights dim all over New England every time I open it. ;)


    P.S. Best wishes to your brother and his fiancee - they seem like a sweet couple. :)