Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update Time and Also Something About Starbucks

Okay, I know its been forever since I've posted....but I have good reasons for that.
1. Being a very unromantic bout of stomach flu.
2. My first play.

I'm sure you don't want me to go into details with the first other then to say I'm still recovering. So I'll focus on the second (which is more fun anyway).

We heard about a play going on from some of our church family and immediately joined.  The play is Rahab the Musical produced by Bible Musicals (the guy who is directing the play also are directing the christian movie Summer Snow coming out on October 1). And its awesome fun so far. I've been giving one line the extent of which is "Yep. I almost feel we should sing one last song that retells are entire journey." and is the cue for the last song.
Besides that line I'm in the dance team, which I'm enjoying more then the acting right now.  

The songs that we're doing include a remake of Dynamite and Tonight Tonight. Its pretty awesome learning all the dance moves and I have to say its a thorough workout as well including all the soreness (hey! I've got summer exercise covered, I'm not complaining.)  So that's what I've been up to every Monday, besides CKRH (Central Kentucky Riders for Hope), horseback riding with Bob and quilting club, trying to inspire my self to write, reading six hundred page books and drinking way to much starbucks.
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These couple months have been packed.
The play performances are in August and my older brother comes home in August so a lot to look forward to in that month. 

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